World’s first, portable foil feed and rewind system for cold foiling

Koch and Glasder have an excellent reputation for their Hot Foiling service to the trade using high quality Bobst foiling machines, located in Neuss, Dusseldorf. 

Eleven years ago their other company OFT Gmbh, pioneered the off line cold foiling technology but until recently had been unable to run their press at competitive speeds. The introduction of the CF1000 Compact Foiler module has enabled them to surpass their competition,  achieving high quality results at their maximum press speed of 15000 sheets / hour.

“The unit was installed in two days and has produced outstanding results ever since, transforming our production capability overnight!” reports Thomas Glasder, “Compact Foiler Technicians visited our site and conducted a thorough survey of the press,  taking care of the control, sequencing and safety integration without assistance from the press manufacturer.”

The company explains that traditional, press mounted units are very difficult to load,  thread up and can cause vibration through the printing station and contamination as the foil is processed above the printing area. The CF1000 module is unique and can be moved to the desired location, connected to the docking station using quick release plugs and is ready to run in minutes.  The heavy rolls of foil are loaded at floor level using the trolley provided and the convenient location next to the press minimises the web run with access for thread up. The web is unwound, turned through 90 degrees above the print section, transferred to the print media before it is turned back through 90 degrees and rewound. After completing the job, the module can be detached and parked or relocated next to another press location, ready for the next job. The coated side of foil does not touch any rollers above the press eliminating any possibility of contamination from the particles of foil  .

“We have been manufacturing Slitting and Rewinding machines for over 100 years and the CF1000 module uses our proven web transfer technology to deliver and rewind a perfect roll.”   comments Tim Self, CF Director “This is very important with multiple passes using our print registration control on subsequent runs to ensure the maximum use of the foil. Alternatively our differential shafts can be used for Zoned foiling using multiple reels in the location required”

The modules are available for all sizes of Press including wide format  and can also be used to create special Holographic effects using embossed film and lacquer