NEW low cost, CF1000PM module at Graph Expo in September

We are pleased to confirm the “New” CF1000PM Press mounted module will be launched at the Graph Expo Show in Chicago in September (Booth 4227)

We are pleased to confirm the “New” CF1000PM Press mounted module will be launched at the Graph Expo Show in Chicago in September (Booth 4227).

Our new unit will enable customers to transform their printing with Cold Foil to create metallic colours, fine detail, half tones, large areas on Paper, Plastics and Board. The unit can also produce some exciting 3D- holographic effects in UV Varnish (cast and cure).

The CF1000PM is a low cost module for customers that want to create these effects with minimal set up costs. The unit has many of the features of the popular CF1000 portable module including foil saving, tension control and rapid set up. We have a large installation base of the portable units and feel that the new Press mounted module will open the door to a number of potential customers that have found the costs prohibitive in the past.

Most Press mounted units are slow to load and set up, especially when running large or multiple reels due to the shaft and reel handling. Our system eliminates the need to remove the shafts or use a crane, reducing set up time dramatically. The reel shafts remain in the module and are cantilevered for the loading / unloading of reels using the automatic roll manipulator. Multi reels can be slid easily and quickly in to position using our lazer alignment system in complete safety. The foil or multi reel webs are joined to the previous set using the splice tables provided, shutter guard closed and the module is ready for operation.

The units are designed to run in harmony with all types of press and operate with minimal supervision leaving your print technicians free to focus on their normal duties.

We are the only supplier with the sensitive tension control required to run cold foil multiple times and our unique “registration” and “multi run” saving systems complement the “multi reel” (zoned foiling) giving you a range of options that can be selected to reduce waste by up to 75%.

We assume full responsibility for the supply and integration of all the press modification parts to divert the web from the module, through the press and back to the rewind. We fit our own sensors to the press to monitor speed, position of cylinder / gap and blanket cylinder position. The only connection we integrate with the press control is the Emergency stop circuit. We have total closed loop monitoring of the module functionality with sensors for web break, blanket wrap and end of reel.

Key Features of the new CF1000PM:

• Fits all makes and sizes of press
• Low cost universal solution
• No Crane or heavy shaft / reel handling with fast changeover
• Long run lengths (16000m)
• Three different foil saving options
• Run Cold foil up to 3 times (pattern permitting)
• Cast & cure 20 times (film dependent)
• Compact design with short web path
• No contact with the coated side of web over the press
• Runs at full press speed
• Safety interlocks for blanket wrap and web break detection
• Lazer reel and core set up
• Ultrasonic diameter measurement
• Rapid delivery and installation
• Approved for use on New and Used Presses

If you would like to discuss the exciting opportunities our modules can bring to your company please do not hesitate to contact us.