NEW Compact Foiler Modules for Print Enhancement

We are pleased to confirm the launch of two new Compact Foiler Modules for Print enhancement.

We are pleased to confirm the launch of two new Compact Foiler Modules for Print enhancement.

The CF1400 FLX is a new Flexo module for web based applications. The unit is available for retro fit to existing Flexo Printing machines or as a complete stand-alone machine for customers that want to enhance their print with special effects after printing.

The new off line machine uses the latest servo controls for re-registration to the pre-printed web for enhancement with spectacular metallic and holographic effects. The technology was been developed by our sister company, Elite Cameron over the last three years. The machine has integrated reel lifting units, automatic tension control, Flexo printing unit, UV drying unit, in line slitting and foil / film delivery module.

The CF75 has been developed for customers that want to add cast and cure to pre- printed material using existing UV Varnish / Coating machines. This low cost, light weight unit is mounted after the coating station above the out feed sheet conveyor. The reels of cast and cure film can be loaded quickly from the side of the machine eliminating the need for lifting equipment. A compact UV lamp unit cures the varnish before the film is stripped and rewound for multiple passes.

On retro fit applications we assume full responsibility for the supply and integration of all the press modification parts to divert the web from the module, through the press and back to the rewind. We fit our own sensors to monitor speed, position of cylinder / gap and blanket cylinder position. The only connection we integrate with in the press control is the emergency stop circuit. We have total closed loop monitoring of the module functionality with sensors for web break, blanket wrap, and end of reel.

We are the only supplier with the sensitive tension control required to run cold foil multiple times. Our unique “registration” and “multi-run” saving systems complement the “multi-reel”, or zoned foiling, providing a range of options that can be selected to reduce waste by as much as 75%.