Compact Foilers win Gold Award

We were very pleased to receive a prestigious Gold Award, in recognition of our capabilities at the annual FSEA (Foiling and Special Effects Association) conference in Milwaukee.

The CF1000 Compact Foiler Module was used to create some stunning effects in our new Company brochure. We also congratulate Keystone Paper and Box Company Inc, Connecticut, on their silver award for the “Onyx Moonshine” box that was in fact, the very first job produced on their Compact Foiler shortly after installation.

Many packaging customers are looking to enhance their product and stand out from the crowd. Cold Foiling can be used to create metallic images in any colour, half tones, very fine details and large area coverage at full press speeds with miminal set up costs. Cold Foiling was always considered to be quite expensive when compared with Hot Foiling but we have developed four systems to optimise foil yield and reduce costs dramatically.

Special 3D holographic effects can also be created in UV varnish  (Cast and Cure) using the same unit. The film can be used many times over, reducing the cost per image considerably. When used on top of foil the effect is very similar to holographic foils at a fraction of the cost. The CF unit is the only portable, floor mounted unit which can be moved from press to press in seconds. The reels of foil are loaded at floor level eliminating the need for lifting equipment and potential contamination of the press.

Many of the World’s leading printers have installed our modules on all types of Press. We would be pleased to meet you at the upcoming exhibitions at the Expo Print, Brazil in July and Graph Expo in Chicago in September.

For further information on Compact Foilers or to receive a copy of their award winning brochure send a brief email to: [email protected]  or visit their website: