Cold Foiling

Enhance your printing with Cold Foil and overprint to create metallic colours that are second to none.

The process of Cold Foiling requires two print stations. The adhesive, which has very similar characteristics to ink, is applied using a standard offset printing plate.

The “Cold Foil” (metallised film) is then introduced on the following print station using a plain printing blanket which applies pressure and transfers the foil onto the areas of adhesive as the carrier film is removed and rewound on our module.

This effect is similar to the Hot Foiling process but can be over-printed in line with the remaining print stations to achieve a metallic finish in all colours. If the adhesive is printed in half tones a proportionate amount of foil is transferred creating dramatic shadow/half tone effects in the foil. Fine detail and large areas of foil can be transferred onto paper, board and plastics.

Cold Foiling & Cast Cure: For the World’s leading offset printing machines