Cast & Cure

Create exciting 3D-holographic effects in UV Varnish with Cast & Cure and prepare to be amazed..

The “Cast and Cure” process produces high impact, holographic effects in UV Varnish and is becoming very popular in the Packaging industry. The CF1000 module is normally moved to the last tower (for in line processing). Varnish is applied using a standard coating or printing station, the embossed film is compressed against the wet varnish on the next station, which is then UV dried, before the foil is removed, leaving the embossed pattern from the film in the Varnish.

Most film manufacturers guarantee at least four passes of the film although some customers run 10-20 times, (depend on the film quality). This low cost, dramatic effect brings a new dimension to print. It can be applied on any material, printed surface and foil to create spectacular results.

Cold Foiling & Cast Cure: For the World’s leading offset printing machines